Documently is a cakewalk of the document collection process. It is a SaaS application that helps collect documents from your clients in one click. Collected documents are stored in highly secured cloud storage in a well-thought-out document structure, saving you from having local storage devices.

Yes, you can manage multiple sets for various institutions that simplify your customer onboarding process. You will be free from chasing clients for their documents. Documently takes care of workflow by sending reminders and instant chat.

Signup for a free account and exploit a free set that can be customized to your requirement. also can subscribe to a different plan to explore advanced features of Documently.

Yes, we help our customers to customize their set setup. Reach out to our support team to get admin training on the Documently workflow process.

You can visit our website to choose the plan, click on the plan that takes you to payment details. Once you are done with payment your subscription (monthly or annual) will be activated immediately. Our Implementation team will reach out for administrative support and the CSM team will reach out for business continuity.

You can unsubscribe anytime; this will automatically discontinue in your next (monthly or annual) billing cycle.

We have exclusive cost-effective plans that you can subscribe to Professional Teams or Enterprise accounts with either a monthly or annual billing cycle.

Certainly! You can economize 20% by purchasing an annual subscription.

Yes, we provide service to Enterprise clients who need advanced security and control. Get in touch with our support team for more details.

We are happy to help you at any time! Submit your queries via the “Contact Us” option by giving your Name, Email, and your queries. We will contact you at the earliest.

Yes, templates can be customized/modified as you like when you are building your sets or by clicking the Edit set option on an existing active set.

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Yes, Our customer support team is available 24/7. Also, you can find tutorials and knowledge base videos about using Documently on the help page.

Yes, you can watch the existing recorded online demos on our youtube channels that instantly help you get started with documently. We can also schedule a dedicated demo if you prefer, just contact the support team via the help page.

There is a “contact us” button available on the Documently website. You can click on and provide basic information about you and your request or just reach out to us at contact@documently.ai

Documently is developed with key features that ensure the security of software and transactions, Visit our security page to get more insight on security policies. 

Since documently is a fully SaaS-opted product, We have deployed it on multiple cloud environment regions: US, EU, and APAC. Each user will have an individual cloud storage vault with MFA and security encryption enabled. Our key feature is that customers can integrate their own storage drives with documently which helps to store data on their own storage drives.

Documently brings business and people closer, making onboarding a seamless experience. It collects documents with ease and helps you with AI. Quick, Easy, and Secured setup, using industry-standard templates to help you collect documents faster.

Yes, Documently is HIPAA Compliant, Since we are a US-based company, It’s mandatory for us to set up our privacy and security policies as per HIPAA guidelines.

Documently can be used with any kind of customer to simplify their workflow, Since it’s AI integrated, It eases customer onboarding processes and administrative procedures, It’s experimented with various industries and institutions such as Education, Insurance, landlords, tenants, Finance, HR Etc.

Yes, we do have key partners from various industries and institutions around the globe, they are using Documenlty to simplify their customer onboarding process and get fabulous results out of it. Click on “Contact us” on our website to discuss more it.

We are glad to get your support. It means a lot to us that you believed in our product.

We have an excellent partnership program where you can refer and gain special discounts and offers on your existing plan. There is a possibility to get price rewards if you bring a large-scale business to Documently. Click on “Contact us” on our website to discuss more it.