Document Sharing and Collaboration

Share your Documents, Forms, Contracts, KYC and other important items through Documently for free. Easily coordinate and collaborate with your clients using our chat window next to each and every Document Management and help them finish the job.

Digital Transformation

Automating Document Collection Process

Automating Document collection process is key to success for any industry particularly for small and medium businesses — Doing things manually like old days are cumbersome and very difficult to catch up with large and competitive businesses. Since Pandemic more and more companies are moving towards adopting AI based software to minimize their repetitive and mundane process. Document management automating increases revenue to your business and achieves excellent customer experience in the end.

For example : Loadstone Immigration

Loadstone Immigration uses Documently to help its consultants to connect and work with their clients when they come through their website. Once a prospect clicks on segment onboarding, they are directed to Documently app that gives them the opportunity to send their documents, forms and e-sign documents securely and safely .

The Result

Loadstone Immigration Services reduced their customer interaction time from 6 hours to 30 mins within the first month of using Documently. Thereby monthly customer intake process increased significantly.

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